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    "Choice. In my right hand I hold a fusion of the two most influential buildings of my architectural training; House in Bordeaux by Rem Koolhaas and Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright. The building represents the logical choice to develop a career in the field in which I was trained. The waterfall turns solid at the bottom, serving as a constant reminder that the longer you wait to make a choice the less of a choice you have. In my left hand I hold two tubs of paints representing my calling to art. The exposed heart is a demonstration of the vulnerability one experiences by sharing their gift with the world. Within the heart is a gramophone, a metaphor to listen to heart and follow to the voice that leads you to your passion. Regardless of the path chosen, the results will serve as an example to our children depicted as the incubating fetus."

    - Komi on the inspiration behind his "Floating Dreamer, A Self Portrait for My Future Daughter" piece.

    This a limited edition reproduction of an original piece by Komi Olaf. A Nigerian-born, Toronto-based artist, Komi's pop-art infused photorealistic paintings are nothing short of cerebral eye candy. His work has been featured in shows at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, National Arts Centre in Ottawa and on the cover of TCHAD Quarterly magazine. He migrated to Canada from Nigeria to study Architecture at Carleton university where his Master's thesis "improvisation in architecture" was nominated for the Canadian Architect student award for excellence in 2009. He was presented the Empowerment and Success Award by the Students Federation of the University of Ottawa by her Excellency the Governor General of Canada  Michaëlle Jean in 2010 for his contribution to community development through art in the Ottawa region.

    These Limited* edition prints on archival paper have been reproduced exclusively for SUPAFRIK #5 and #6, hand numbered and signed by the artists themselves. 

    Dimensions: 20 X 24 inches

    Limited edition reproduction: 20 only

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