• Infinity Tartan Indigo Skirt (Made to order)

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    This item is made to order. Once you have placed an order, you will receive an email with further instructions.

    Fabric 1: Wool blend (scottish tartan)

    Fabric 2: Cotton (indigo dyed cloth)

    Details: Exposed back zipper. The free hanging vertical strips can be manipulated to create different lengths and shapes. 


    She places the cigarette and matches inside the concealed front pouch of her sweatshirt and drags herself back to put the kettle on the stove. She returns to the window and pensively takes in the scene below. There isn't much to see in this early morning light that could easily pass for evening. The streets are deserted except for the garbage disposal truck making its way along the curb and up the road with a two man neon crew in tow. The naked trees on either side of the street are reluctantly bending to the dangerous whims of the wind. There is hardly any snow on the ground but winter is definitely here in all its joy-sucking glory. This one in particular seemed to stretch on forever with the adamancy of a potent curse. At the thought of trading places with the neoned duo, her #shoulders unconsciously contract and she rubs her elbows. Hell is not a hot place. 4 / 7


    The Collection:

    The Braving Ritual is a fall/winter capsule collection by Chinedesign. It takes its inspiration from the warrior spirit it often requires to face and conquer the sometimes harsh winters of the Great White North. Mixing leather and wax print with Scottish tartan wool and indigo-dyed bogolan fabrics from Mali, the collection is a bold update in the stagnant world of outerwear. Unusual embellishments come in the form of  Chinedesign’s one-of-a-kind patent-black cowry shells as well as metal work appliqué. The inspiration behind the shapes run the gamut from 60s shift dresses to victorian military tailcoats. The Braving Ritual extrapolates on ideas initially explored in Chinedesign’s first avant-garde show, Masquerade(2013). One such idea is the “infinity” concept which allows you to change the color blocking and shape of one garment create different iterations simply by manipulating a few vertical strips of fabric.

    The Lookbook

    Chinedesign enlisted the talents of renown Toronto street photographer Adeyemi Adegbasan (better known as soteeoh) and South Sudanese model Aluad Deng Anei to create a unique lookbook. Under the creative direction of the label's head designer Chinedu Ukabam, who also penned a short story to act as the narrative accompaniment for the collection, the lookbook is shot in and around the Toronto area. Using intricate plays on symmetry and juxtaposition, subtle new patterns are created from the natural background while showcasing different views of the garment. It is a refreshing take on the capsule collection and lookbooks that merges the world of fiction and fashion. The story of the woman and the collection of coats she wears are intrinsically linked and inseparable


  • Infinity Tartan Indigo Skirt  (Made to order)
  • Infinity Tartan Indigo Skirt  (Made to order)
  • Infinity Tartan Indigo Skirt  (Made to order)

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