Please note: All sales are FINAL. Apply the codes PAYITFORWARD or GOOD4YOU at the very end of the check out process and check your balance to see the reduced price.

It's the season of giving and we want you to join us in completing a simple gifting circle. Check back often as new items will be added every day. We will give you ANY gift of your choice at an 80% discount and in exchange we encourage you to donate the same value to a chairtable organization of your choice. Alternatively, you can take a 60% discount and we’ll donate 20% of the full price to a charity of our choosing. For more details on how this works, click here. The 80% discount code is PAYITFORWARD. The 60% discount code is GOOD4YOU 

For example, you purchase an $80 dress at the low low price of $16. From the $64 savings, consider donating to a charity org. an amount that is at least the reduced price of that dress ($16). Send us a donation receipt or screenshot so we can track our giving target. Alternatively, purchase the dress at a 60% discount and we will donate the other 20% to a charity of our choosing.